seoSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. SEO training is essential for people who want to promote their product or services via the internet. The practice of launching a website for enhancing a business is rapidly increasing globally including our country Nepal. This practice dynamically broadens the range of potential customers and expands the business in national as well as international context. Also, appropriate way of search engine optimization is becoming equally important to reach out to the customers ahead of the competitors through the search engines.

Green Computing Nepal provides SEO Training in Nepal with a motive to help business organizations and individuals to get to their potential customers. Our SEO training is devised in such a way that you can see the effect in real time. Moreover, we teach you some of the important SEO tools that when applied shows the statistics of a website. These statistics will help you to judge the website performance in search engines. You will get an opportunity to apply all the SEO techniques practically during the course.

There are a lot of resources online where we can find information regarding SEO. However, learning these techniques may not be sufficient. One needs to know how to apply the SEO techniques. Furthermore implementing the raw knowledge can adversely affect your current rankings. Therefore it is always better to consult with an SEO expert or to participate in SEO training before implementing SEO in a website. SEO training will not only provide knowledge on applying SEO techniques but also give insights on the unethical practices which need to be avoided. Bad practices are referred as ‘Black hat SEO techniques’ and are practiced by hackers to gain quick financial output rather than by increasing human viewers.

Search engines change their ranking algorithms in regular intervals. Based on those changes, they update their SEO guidelines and prescribe best practices to developers. We continuously revise our course syllabus according to the latest changes.


• General principles of search engines
• Google search results
• Keyword density
• Page Contents
• Pagerank
• HTML code
• Metatags
• Title tags
• URL normalization
• Alt tags and its importance
• Anchor texts
• Linkbuilding
• Google Webmaster Tools
• XML Sitemap
• Robots.txt and its use
• .htaccess and its use
• tracking visitors
• Using blog for promotion